Famous Family!


Dear Friends & Freunde in aller Welt!

So far I have been the most famous part of the family. But finally my humans understood, that  publicity is hard work and needs modern ways of communication.

Without my help, they would probably still work on their smoke sign techniques 😀

I might have told you, that I work in the music studio of my boss (well actually I am his boss, but I don’t wanna destroy his optimism). Now, after months of bark(s)ing from me, myself and I, THE famous business-blogger Heike Lorenz found out about his cool music studio and decided to write about him, or let’s say us. Ok, ok, she doesn’t say that much about me, but hey, without me, no business, no music, no nothing.

Here you find the link to her text:


aaaaand, I even helped him to enter facebook …


Anyone is welcome to sing, bark or meeeouw his or her favorite song at this place.
So feel free to stop by and like or comment or whatever.

And: I will sooooon get back to you with some doggish thoughts about
romance, love and life in general.

High Five & Pfötchen Elvis


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